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Dr Amanda is from the UK and lives in Portugal and travels the world running courses in New Zealand, Australia and the U.K . She has over 30 years of experience in Human Development and Coaching and continues to learn and grow. She worked in the corporate world for 16 years, working with the Estée Lauder group, starting her career on the counter and finally becoming the Clinique Director of Education for Europe the Middle East and Africa, based in London.

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Life was ticking along nicely, the business was thriving, she was fit and healthy undertaking many crazy charity events, home life was great and then bang! The first curveball of life hit, a diagnosis of kidney cancer which was swiftly treated with surgery as this type of cancer is known as the 'biggest silent killer'.

Three months later in typical Amanda fashion she ran a mountain marathon. Exactly a year and a day later sadly, Amanda lost her beloved husband Keith, also to Cancer. A turbulent time followed of course with many lessons learned, often the hard way.

Brighter horizons finally arose with a new love and a new start in life, this however was not as joyful or as easy as one may think. Amanda fell in love with Sarah, this as you may understand came with its fair share of judgement and pain.

All of this a wealth of life experience allowed Amanda to develop and grow as a human being and importantly as a Coach. Things looked to be getting back on track however life was not to agree.  Three weeks before Amanda and Sarah were to be married the most horrendous tragedy struck that was sure to test them both, their relationship and their strength of character, Sarah's beautiful and courageous Mum 'Doreen' was attacked and killed by a shark whilst diving in Australia.

Its fair to say that these events have each individually been a huge challenge but together one may feel almost impossible to overcome. If Amanda had not had the tool kit she knows and works with daily then the outcome could have been so different. She has learned more about life and how to move forward in it in these last 5 years and has refined her expertise in coping, developing and thriving as an individual in what can sometimes be a cruel world.

And so back to the mission, Amanda wants to help as many people in this world live a full and passionate life and she has the experience and expertise to do it.​

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  • Certified and Board approved Trainer of:​

    • NLP

    • Timeline Therapy ®

    • Hypnosis

  • Timeline Therapy ®

  • Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

  • Diploma in Life Coaching with the University of Newcastle.

  • Certification in Life Coaching with the University of Life Coaching.

  • Developer of SSET™ The Self Sabotage Elimination Technique.

  • Your Life Live It® is a Certified and Board approved company with the American boards of Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy and NLP.

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